Top Fuel Tracking Software

Software solutions have helped all logistics and transportation all companies monitor their fuel usage. These fuel monitoring software determine the amount of fuel left for consumption.

Various companies across the globe use this software to save money. Monitoring and managing the fuel efficiency of vehicles helps them control their costs. This software creates detailed and comprehensive reports for each fueling event, including logging the exact time, location, and fuel lid openings.

Moreover, fuel monitoring reports can be beneficial for management in detecting instances of fuel theft. With just a button press, management can generate fuel reconciliation reports, a task that would otherwise be time-consuming in a manually tracked environment.

Using an online cloud platform, users can conveniently access and maintain records, store data, and review reports while on the move. To maximize your savings in 2023, explore and compare these leading fuel-tracking software solutions available at your fingertips with just a click.

FueLoyal Provides maximum Security and Comprehensive Updated Reports on Fuel Usage

Opt for FueLoyal, a trusted petroleum management system fortified with an extra layer of security. They provide three product options tailored to suit the needs of your fleet. This comprehensive system combines hardware and software, featuring an anti-theft Smart gasoline Cap that accurately measures fuel additions to the tank and thwarts tampering or siphoning attempts. Enjoy the benefits of real-time updates and a straightforward implementation process.

Designed primarily for 18-wheelers, FueLoyal offers transaction monitoring, fuel efficiency tracking, and other valuable data that can be easily downloaded. This intelligent software management system effectively prevents fuel theft by employing proximity cards for fuel processing. What’s more, FueLoyal stands out as one of the most cost-effective solutions currently available on the market.

Highlighted Features and Advantages:

• Smart Fuel Cap for enhanced security

• Fuel Navigator to optimize fuel consumption

• Effective fuel theft prevention measures

• Locates the most affordable gas stations along your route

Pricing Options:

• Launch Plan: $39 per month per truck, with a one-time $299 device fee

• Optimum Plan: $35 per month per truck, with a one-time $299 device fee

• Quick on Board Plan: $49 per month per truck, with no device fee

FuelForce Boasts Over 25 Years of Experience in the Fuel Tracking Software Industry

With more than 35 years of experience, FuelForce continues to excel in the market by offering top-notch, user-friendly products. Their advanced cloud-based reporting system allows for effortless custom reporting. FuelForce has gained a reputation for its exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable and readily available representatives who can diagnose and resolve any issues you may encounter.

As a significant player in the industry, FuelForce stands out for providing comprehensive and easily downloadable data packages. They diligently monitor every aspect of fuel consumption, aiming to save you valuable time, money, and effort in the process.

Highlighted Features and Advantages:

• Utilizes a cloud-based platform for seamless access

• Ensures secure authorization and reporting

• Allows easy downloading and customization of reports

• Logs essential transaction details, including driver, vehicle, mileage, and hose information

• Durable hardware built to withstand harsh climate conditions

Pricing: Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.

Fleetio Fuel Management System Provides Everything You Need In Fleet Maintenance

This petroleum management system facilitates proactive fleet maintenance rather than a reactive approach. By automating processes, you no longer need to submit data manually. Fleetio’s fuel reports play a crucial role in optimizing your fleet’s fuel consumption, helping you determine the cost per mile for each asset. These reports also provide valuable metrics to identify drivers who may benefit from training on safer driving practices and improving efficiency.

Furthermore, this fuel monitoring software company offers a comprehensive range of tracking data at highly competitive prices. Their intelligent software is compatible with fleets of all sizes, granting businesses the flexibility to analyze a diverse data set.

Highlighted Features and Advantages:

• Fleetio Go App for easy fleet management on the go

• Integration with Fuel Card for seamless fuel tracking • Fuel activity alerts for real-time monitoring

• Convenient logging and uploading of fuel receipts by drivers

• Automatic import of fuel card entries for streamlined data management

• Receive reports of any suspicious fuel activity for added security

Pricing Options:

• Pro Plan: $5 per month per vehicle, billed annually

• Advanced Plan: $7 per month per vehicle, billed annually

• Enterprise Plan: Contact us for a personalized quote based on your needs.

FuelerPlus Tracking Software Allows Businesses to Record Dispensed Fuel and Fuel Transferred Between Tanks

With FuelerPlus, administrators can easily record petroleum dispensed and transferred between containers. The system is compatible with iOS and Android, ensuring drivers can utilize it regardless of their mobile phone type. Moreover, using a third-party system like Gasboy or Phoenix, FuelerPlus can efficiently import petroleum data, allowing you to centralize all your data in one place.

Highlighted Features and Advantages:

• Comprehensive in-person training provided

• Enjoy a free trial to test the software’s capabilities

• Experience hands-on learning to maximize software utilization

• Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party solutions

Pricing: Contact us to receive a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.