How to Get Medicare Coverage for Your Next Mattress

You might find it surprising, but Medicare could cover your next mattress’s cost. Let’s explore the reasons behind this possibility below:

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 50% of adults experience low back pain, and 60% have neck problems due to their mattresses. Considering that the average person spends about one-third of their life in bed, which adds up to seven years by age 65, the importance of a good mattress becomes evident. Medicare could cover the cost of your next mattress, especially considering the health risks associated with poor sleep quality.

Medicare might facilitate the process if you or a loved one needs a new mattress. Start by applying for Medicare Part A and Part B benefits if you haven’t already. Once approved, schedule an appointment with your doctor, as Medicare will cover the cost if there is a medical reason for needing a new mattress. Your doctor will help you explore your options and get fitted for the right mattress. Additionally, if you have Medicare supplemental insurance, it may also cover the cost, so be sure to check your plan’s coverage details.

What Kinds of Mattresses Are Covered?

To be covered by Medicare, mattresses must meet specific criteria to be classified as durable medical equipment (DME). This includes mattresses used for rehabilitation purposes, not just any standard bedding or furniture. The mattress must be designed to fulfill the medical needs prescribed by your doctor. Ensuring that the mattress is classified as DME is crucial in determining whether it will be covered by Medicare. In essence, you need to confirm that the mattress falls under the category of durable medical equipment, often referred to as “DME.”

For a mattress to be classified as durable medical equipment (DME), it must play a significant role in a patient’s daily routine. A doctor can only assign this classification after determining that the bed is medically necessary. Apart from obtaining the DME designation, the mattress must fulfill five additional criteria:

  1. Serve a medical purpose
  2. Capable of withstanding repeated use
  3. Beneficial for a sick or injured individual
  4. Suitable for home use
  5. Expected to last for a minimum of 3 year

If your mattress satisfies the three criteria mentioned above, Medicare will cover up to 80% of the mattress cost!

How to Get Your Free Mattress

If you require an adjustable bed and have Medicare coverage, you likely have most of the coverage needed. Getting started is simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Explore one of the options below
  2. Compare at least 2 or 3 available offers
  3. Discuss your top choice with your doctor
  4. Obtain your free mattress!