Top 25 Best Deals on Essential Items at Costco

Costco is one of the biggest retailer chains in the country, and for good reason. The store offers a wide variety of items at wholesale prices. The catch is, one has to have a membership to shop there. Memberships start at $60 for the Gold Star level, or $120 for the Executive level. That comes with added benefits, but the big question for many people is, would a membership be worth the extra cost?

That may vary from person to person, but for those considering a membership, we have collected some of the best items to purchase at Costco, mostly because they can save a lot of money in the long run. For those that already have a Costco membership, this list can help you make the most of it and milk every penny of savings from that investment. 



Bacon is a staple of, not only breakfast, but a wide variety of delicious meals. We put it on burgers. In salads. It’s a versatile meat, but a relatively expensive one. Costco offers bulk bacon at high quality. So for those who go through enough of this particular meat and want to stock up, perhaps those who have an extra freezer or something along those lines, this can be a great way to save money in the long run. 



Costco is great at saving people money on items that come in large quantities. But the issue is that certain items go bad before we can even use them. Syrup has a long shelf life and for those who use pancakes and waffles as a breakfast staple, buying syrup in large quantities is a cost-effective way to go.


Cooking Spray 

Cooking spray is something that any functioning household kitchen would do good to have on hand. Especially for those who bake frequently. This falls firmly in the category of things that don’t go bad quickly and can be purchased far more affordably in bulk at Costco. That makes it well worth looking into and, coupled with other items on this list, might help justify the cost of a membership. 



It doesn’t matter what level of chef or the size of the family, spices are essential for any kitchen. The variety of spices included in one’s cabinet may vary. That said, even looking at just the basics, buying spices in large quantities makes financial sense. Salt is not going to go out of style. Pepper won’t go to waste. So why buy small quantities of it when higher volumes can be purchased at a much better rate? Pretty much any spice will last a long time if properly stored and the savings can be significant. 


Baking Goods 

Flour. Sugar. Butter. Anything that can be used for baking can benefit from a bulk purchase. Again, some of this comes down to one’s ability to store larger quantities of these goods, but anyone who uses a large amount of baking goods could do well to pick these items up from Costco, as opposed to other grocery stores. These are versatile items that are just good to have around the house and aren’t likely to go to waste. 


Frozen Fruit 

While fresh fruit can perish rather quickly, even when stored properly, frozen fruit is a different ballpark entirely.  For those who utilize fruit on a regular basis, be it for smoothies, baking or just eating straight-up, buying various fruits in frozen form may be something to consider. Fruit can be a bit pricey if purchased in smaller quantities on a regular basis. Buying in bulk could prove to be a big money saver in the long run. 

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Frozen chicken

Vegetarians and vegans aside, there are few meat-eating households that get away without using chicken. It’s a major staple of many diets and something quite a few families go through a lot of. For those who find it easier to keep frozen chicken around, considering getting it from Costco, as they carry it in large quantities for a comparatively good price. And the quality is certainly up to par as well. 


Sparkling water 

This is an industry that has absolutely exploded in recent years. La Croix certainly kicked the door open, but sparkling water is now a major staple and virtually every company that produces drinks is getting in on the game. Costco is no different and for those who don’t mind going generic for their bubbly water, this is well worth looking into. The store also carries name brands as well and they can often be cheaper when purchased in larger quantities. This is water we’re talking about, so having more of it around can’t be a bad thing. 



Another staple of any functioning household is eggs. This is one of the most versatile foods around. They’re perfect for breakfast. They can be used in many other dishes for lunch and dinner. Most baked goods require eggs. It’s easy to see how a family could go through quite a few of them in a typical week. For those who can justify buying more than a dozen at a time, this is a perfect item to pick up on your next trip to Costco. 


Peanut Butter 

What good is jelly without peanut butter? There are few things that have endured in food culture the way that peanut butter has. It’s a versatile food, and one that accommodates most diets. It also has a long shelf life and can stay good for ages under the right conditions. So buying it in larger quantities can be a way to save some money, for those who use it frequently. This is something that won’t go out of fashion and is good to have around. 


Olive Oil 

Baking. Cooking. No matter what the dish, olive oil can be a big part in making it come together. A healthier alternative to vegetable oil or canola oil, this is something that has become an essential item. Like many items on this list, it can hold well for very long periods of time, so buying in bulk won’t run the risk of seeing money poured down the drain. Consider stocking up on olive oil instead of buying a small, relatively expensive bottle every now and again. 



While perhaps not considered essential in the most dire times, people love cheese. It’s a versatile food and one that comes in all sorts of varieties that can be used as the crux of a big meal, or as a decadent snack. But cheese can also be pricey, especially at certain specialty food stores. Costco has quite the impressive cheese selection and often at very competitive prices. This is certainly worth exploring for those who keep cheese around the house. 



Cereal is and has been a staple of breakfast for decades. It’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. With that, buying in bulk isn’t a bad way to go for houses that go through it on a regular basis. Like other bulk purchases, significant savings can be found on cereal, be it name brand or generic. And Costco’s generic brands, generally speaking, are highly regarded, in terms of quality. 



Food isn’t the only thing this store has to offer. Clothing is about as essential as it gets, but it can also be pricey. Costco carries a wide variety of essential clothing items, from shirts to workout clothes and virtually everything in between. Purchasing certain clothing items during your next trip could save some big money, when compared to buying similar items at Target or other department stores. 



Especially at a time like this, keeping medicine around the house is never a bad idea. But medicine can also be notoriously expensive in some cases. Fortunately, most medicine keeps well for a long time, so there is no disadvantage to buying it in larger quantities, which can cut down on costs in a big way. This is undoubtedly something worth looking into as a purchase beyond your local pharmacy or grocery store. 



Birthdays. Graduations. Anniversaries. House parties. There are countless occasions where having a cake would be advised. Costco happens to have legendarily delicious sheet cake that can be purchased, generally speaking, for a comparatively lower price than at a traditional bakery. And the general consensus is that nothing is being sacrificed in the quality department.  



Also a staple of parties, or just a friendly night in with friends or family, alcohol is a pretty common time to find in the average household. But it also can be a costly item to keep around. Luckily, Costco has a large selection of booze on hand that generally comes at a very appealing price. They even have their own brand of certain alcohols, with their vodka getting solid reviews. This is most definitely something to look into before your next cocktail hour. 



For many of us, coffee is as important as it gets. It’s a way to start our day off right. A way to help power through a tough afternoon. Or just a delicious treat. Whatever the case, coffee is something most houses like to have around. This is the perfect item to consider buying at Costco, as it meets both the quality and quantity checkboxes, in addition to being an affordable alternative to buying it elsewhere. Depending on one’s personal preferences, this is certainly worth investigating. 



This is another staple for many people. Almonds. Cashews. Peanuts. Whatever the cast, nuts are a great snack to keep around the house, and often a much healthier alternative to whatever else might be lying around. Certain varieties of nuts can add up, but buying in bulk can reduce the cost and ensure that there is plenty to go around. 


Pet Food 

We’ve all got to eat, and that includes our beloved pets. Cats, dogs or whatever the case may be, we want our pets to eat well. Unfortunately, sometimes high-quality pet food can be a pricey necessity on the shopping list. This is yet another area where Costco can help, as they have a big selection of pet food at competitive prices. They even have generic, organic pet foods that are of high quality, but at a much more desirable price point. 



Why not gas up the car on your next shopping trip too? Costco has notoriously cheap gas, often cheaper than just about anywhere else around. This one is pretty cut and dry; if you’re going to pay for a Costco membership, there is no reason not to take advantage of their impressive and reasonable gas prices. This can be one of the most consistent advantages to having access to this store. 


Toilet paper 

Oddly enough, toilet paper has become an unlikely hot-ticket item in recent weeks. It was always an essential item and something we always want to have around, but it’s been straight-up challenging to find at certain times as of late. With that, why not try Costco? They sell it in large quantities and it’s very affordable that way. Nobody is arguing that you need to hoard toilet paper, but buying a large pack can offer some peace of mind. 


Cleaning supplies 

A clean home is a happy home, as it goes. Cleaning supplies are a must-have. Whether or not one wants to have to use them is another question entirely, but it’s something that one wants to have available when needed. Sponges. Glass cleaner. Anti-bacterial wipes. Dish soap. Whatever one’s cleaning needs are, there is almost certainly a benefit to buying in bulk. It’s not as though cleaning supplies go bad, and you’ll probably never regret having it at the ready. 



Do you like chips? Is beef Jerky one of your go-to treats? Whatever the case may be, Costco has an incredible selection of snack foods. Outside of the usual stuff at great prices, the store also has quite a few notable treats only available there. Peanut butter pretzel bites and their beef jerky are just a couple of examples. Snack foods can be a big rabbit hole to fall down in the best of ways at Costco. Do some exploring in this area on your next visit. 



Honey can go with so many things. It’s a versatile item to have around, and a delicious one at that. Do you drink hot tea? Throw some honey in to sweeten the pot! Bakers are also surely aware that honey is an essential item to keep around. But honey, like many other items on this list, can add up, depending on the situation. Costco offers honey in larger quantities and, as is typically the case, buying big can mean big savings. Explore picking up your next batch of the sweet stuff at Costco instead.